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It can be hard to keep it together. When we are facing difficulties—betrayal, divorce, a new normal, or financial lack—it can be hard to feel complete. Instead, we can feel shattered and alone. So where can we turn to put ourselves and our lives back together?

Beautifully Broken is an inspiring forty-day devotional that can help you maintain your faith and keep yourself and your life together during your darkest times. Author K. Howard shares intimate, personal devotionals that will help you hold on to what you know about God—because if you can hold on to him through a vulnerable time in your life, then you can find the empowerment you need to seek out and experience better days. With biblical reflections, helpful prayers, encouraging meditations, and inspiring challenges, Beautifully Broken can show you how to apply God’s Word in your life.

Your brokenness can be made beautiful if you are repaired by the very hands that made you in the first place. So be mindful that on the other side of your brokenness is a beautiful testimony with all of its scars covered in a priceless bond between you and your creator—that, in fact, would be more beautiful after being broken.